Who The Hell Am I?

Hi, I’m Jeremy and here are a few random facts about me

  1. I once met the Dalai Lama
  2. I’m the Head Of SEO Marketing at Foundr Magazine
  3. I dropped out of college at 18 years old
  4. I was born at the end of June 1997 in Goa, India
  5. I once won a powerlifting competition (I deadlifted 4x my bodyweight)
  6. I dive, surf, trek, read, write, rock climb … okay, I have ADD
  7. I drink coffee until it’s time to drink wine
  8. I climbed the world’s 3rd highest mountain pass alone
  9. I make most of my money from this blog
  10. Everything I owned fits in a single carry on backpack #MINIMALISM baby!
  11. I’ve been traveling full time since April 2016
  12. Most of my articles start out as questions from my readers 🙂 so DM me your questions

Currently: Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Blog About Travel, Digital Nomads, Online Business, Marketing & Whatever Is On My Mind

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I Broke Into A Fan’s House

After spending a few relaxing days in my favorite city in Vietnam, Danang. It was time to leave the beautiful country of Vietnam as my 3-month visa was coming to an end. I grabbed a bus early one morning to Lao Bao the border town! After getting off the bus, I walked over to the border, […]

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Lessons Learnt From Living Out Of A Backpack For Nearly 2 Year

In April 2016 I set off from Goa, India at the age of 18 with less than 200$ in savings with everything I owned in a 50 Liter backpack after dropping out of college and giving away almost everything I owned! My goal was to make money traveling the world, meet incredible people and build […]

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Read This Before Taking A Gap Year

I met an aspiring digital nomad, who quit her job and who is a reader of my blog a few days ago in Bangkok, later she interviewed for her Youtube when I was in Chaing Mai for a weekend and this thought was at the back of our mind after our conversation so I thought […]

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Trekking The Third Highest Mountain Pass With Everything I Own

In the summer of 2016, I trekked on foot from an altitude of 840m to the top of one of the world’s highest mountain pass (Thorang-La in Nepal) at 5416m and back down. I did it alone with everything I owned on my back, without any prior trekking experience, covering around 150km on foot in […]

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The No BS Step By Step To Start A Blog And Make Money In 2018

Hey! Jeremy here, I’m writing this guide on How To Start A Blog And Make Money because blogging absolutely changed my life! I went from dropping out of college to traveling the world for a living, getting featured in magazines and so many other wonderful things all thanks to blogging. During the last week of March 2016 […]